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Mumma Hack Recipe

A perfect lunchbox filler or an after-school snack, these super simple homemade chewy muesli bars are quick and easy to whip up on a weeknight. Ingredients 3 cups old style oats (not quick oats) 1 400g can condensed milk Chopped nuts, seeds, dried fruit or choc chips to your liking.

Wanting to whip up something super quick? This is an easy and versatile muffin recipe – 30 minutes from start to finish. It works every time, it’s quick, uses ingredients you already have, creates hardly any dishes and is delicious. They can be adapted for breakfast, lunch, school lunchboxes, after

Lunch box

It’s every school parents’ morning agony… what will the kids have for lunch today? If your mornings are rushed you’re more likely to pack the kids off to school with unhealthy options or not enough food. The key is preparation – you can save yourself the mad rush every morning