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So you’ve read the book and decided the sugar has got to go. Before you pour it in to the bin, hack it! Here are a few alternative ways to use sugar around the house. Freshen up cut flowers So your husband comes home with a sheepish look and a

Kids playground

If your kids are constantly covered in bandaids but hate having them removed, here’s a simple hack to remove a bandaid painlessly. Rub on a generous amount of baby oil over the bandaid using a cotton ball. Leave for a few minutes for the oil to penetrate the bandaid fabric.


When you’re stuck at home with the kids, finger painting is always a winner. Especially in summer, you can strip the kids down and let them go wild. For the littlies though, it’s always a battle keeping the paint out of their mouths. There are a number of ‘safe’ finger

Easier Cot Sheet Changes. If you’ve ever had to change cot sheets at 3am, you’ll love this simple hack.

My darling son was a reflux baby. We spent his first six months covered in regurgitated milk. And it wasn’t just us… the lounge, the carpet, our bed, his cot. My laundry room has never seen so much washing. What I hated most was him vomiting in his cot. Apart


Lego explosion? The kids just love to drag out lego at the end of the day. You’re tired, you’ve had enough and you just know they’ll lose interest as soon as they’ve made the biggest mess possible. Here’s a quick way to tidy it all up when you just can’t

Buttons On Kids Uniforms

This little trick can save so much time with school and sport uniforms when kids are getting ready in the morning. When you are putting away laundry, put all the pieces of a uniform on one hanger. You can even add stockings, socks, hats, sports bibs, underwear or even shoes to the hanger.


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