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10 Genius Homemade Birthday Cakes For Kids

So you have your heart set on creating a Zumbo masterpiece for your kids birthday party. You’ve scoured Pinterest and talked yourself into this. Then, three days out from the big day, panic sets in. Who are you kidding, you can’t bake, let alone decorate a cake!!! Don’t panic –

Kid in pool

Holidays! Yay! It all seems like fun and games until the reality of holidays with little kids dawns on you. How will I keep them off the hotel balcony, will there be pool gates, where will they sleep, what about their allergies?! Aaargh. Here are three travel hacks to make

Lunch box

Every kitchen hides an overflowing cupboard of plastic containers. Whether you’re a Tupperware fanatic or happy with the supermarket brands, there is no hiding the fact that plastic containers can get a bit whiffy. Here are some tips for keeping them clean, odour-free and ready for tonight’s leftovers. Wash or rinse

kids shoes

Taming the kids shoe jumble is always a challenge and looking for that other pair is always frustrating when you’re running out the door. Here’s a simple hack to keep shoe pairs together and organised. Look in your laundry… It’s as simple as getting out the clothes pegs and clipping the

Easy 2-minute pancakes

There are some mornings that a bowl of cereal just won’t cut it. Here’s a simple pancake recipe that can be adapted in so many ways. Basic pancake mix 1 cup self raising flour 1 cup milk 1 egg 1. Preheat a large non stick frying pan on medium. 2.

Egg timer

Kids love a challenge. Set an egg timer… and go…


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