5 Clever Ways To Organise Kids’ Puzzles. Here are some easy, cheap and cheerful storage ideas, which even the kids can get a grip on using.

Puzzles are an extraordinary educational tool but they’re also a complete nightmare to clean up and keep organised. There are all kinds of specialty trays you can buy at the toy store, but they are often expensive and only hold a handful of puzzles. Here are some easy, cheap and


If you’ve ever had to administer pain relief to a screaming child at 3am, you know how painful the experience is for everyone. Try this simple hack – it will make life so much easier when you’re looking for the right medicine at times when you’re barely awake or when


Do you feel like you’re washing what seems like dozens of towels every week? Are the kids using a towel once and then just throwing them on the bathroom floor? No amount of nagging works as they just grab a fresh towel when needed, or worse… use yours! Try this simple

Wanting to whip up something super quick? This is an easy and versatile muffin recipe – 30 minutes from start to finish. It works every time, it’s quick, uses ingredients you already have, creates hardly any dishes and is delicious. They can be adapted for breakfast, lunch, school lunchboxes, after

50 Alternative uses for baby wipes

Most parents have survived at least one poo-nami thanks to that handy packet of wipes. Once they’ve saved your life once, you make sure they’re always within reach. But, they do a lot more than just clean smelly bottoms. I keep wipes everywhere – in fact, in every room of the

Lunch box

It’s every school parents’ morning agony… what will the kids have for lunch today? If your mornings are rushed you’re more likely to pack the kids off to school with unhealthy options or not enough food. The key is preparation – you can save yourself the mad rush every morning

Child eating

It’s never too early or too late to get your kids excited about fruit and vegetables. If they’re less than enthusiastic about this food group, take a look at how it’s being presented. Perhaps it’s just a marketing issue. Here are some ideas to change the boring old fruit or


These easy and frugal bath time hacks will make their nightly bath an adventure for the kids. Go beyond the rubber duckie and explore these alternative bath time toys and games. Alternative bath toys Collect empty containers from the kitchen and use as toys in the bath. The kids will love

10 Genius Homemade Birthday Cakes For Kids

So you have your heart set on creating a Zumbo masterpiece for your kids birthday party. You’ve scoured Pinterest and talked yourself into this. Then, three days out from the big day, panic sets in. Who are you kidding, you can’t bake, let alone decorate a cake!!! Don’t panic –

Kid in pool

Holidays! Yay! It all seems like fun and games until the reality of holidays with little kids dawns on you. How will I keep them off the hotel balcony, will there be pool gates, where will they sleep, what about their allergies?! Aaargh. Here are three travel hacks to make