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No more manic mornings! 8 easy steps to a stress free and organised morning

If your mornings are a manic blur, here are 8 easy steps to help you create an organised, calm morning routine. Implement just one or two to see a huge change in your morning stress levels. An organised morning not only gets the kids to school on time but also sets you up for a stress free day.

No more manic mornings! 8 easy steps to a stress free and organised morning

  1. Pack your bags! This one is so important not only because it saves you time in the morning packing bags but because it minimises all those forgotten items and having to return home, wasting even more time. Pack your work bag, pack the kids school bags, nappy bags, lunches, snacks, water bottles, library bags – everything! Lay them out by the front door, ready to be grabbed on the way out. Or better still, if your car is secured, chuck whatever you can straight into the car.
  2. Lay out ALL the clothes. This includes work clothes – entire outfits. I find a hanger on the back of the door works best. Add jewellery, accessories and even your shoes so there is no need to think about what goes with what in a sleep deprived state in the morning. Lay out kids uniforms too – shoes, socks, even undies. Believe me, ‘mum, where are my undies’ is the last thing you want to hear in the morning as you’re rushing out the door.
  3. Lay out breakfast. Bowls, cups, spoons, glasses, cereal – lay it all out on the table, so it’s just a grab of milk and yoghurt from the fridge in the morning. Go one step further and cut up fruit the night before – or even make pancakes, bircher muesli or turn on the slow cooker for overnight porridge. A quick breakfast doesn’t need to be boring.
  4. Dress the kids the night before. Your toddler or preschooler just can’t deal with mornings? They’re still doing nudie runs 2 minutes before you’re due to leave the house? Dress them in their daycare / preschool clothes the night before – yes, let them sleep in their clothes – it’s really not a big deal. In the morning, it’s just a nappy change and you’re done.No more manic mornings! 8 easy steps to a stress free and organised morning Click To Tweet
  5. Blow dry your hair the night before. Tie it up if you tumble around in bed, then it’s just a brush or quick once over with the straightener in the morning.
  6. Shower the night before. Kids should definitely shower the night before – there’s no time for that madness in the mornings! But you can do it too. Imagine how lovely a nice long uninterrupted shower can be once the kids are in bed. This is a hard one if you’re normally a morning shower-er, but it saves so much time.
  7. Cheat clocks. Set all house clocks 10 minutes fast – don’t tell the family!
  8. Wake up early. Yes, I know, you’re not a morning person. Neither am I! If you live for your morning cuppa and you want to do it in peace, just get up 10 minutes before the kids – it will set you up for a much easier morning if you’re already caffeined up before the madness begins.

What tips do you have for a stress free and organised morning routine? Leave a comment below.


  1. August 29, 2017 at 2:11 PM

    You made me laugh at the tip: Cheat clocks. My husband set all the clocks 5 minutes early. He didn’t tell anyone even me! hahaha

  2. August 27, 2017 at 10:56 AM

    There are great tips! I think at some point or another I must have tried some of these, but putting the kids to sleep in their clothes is new to me. Ill try that out, the only thing is my son sweats so much while he sleeps, no matter how much AC we have on!