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10 Brilliant Nappy Bag Hacks and Organisation Tips

Whether you’re a first time parent or a seasoned pro, we can all benefit from hacks and tips on the most basic aspects of parenting – such as packing a nappy bag. Seems simple, right? Pack a few nappies, some wipes and you’re off. Well, there are some super genius nappy bag hacks which will make your life just that little bit easier and have you thinking – “why didn’t I think of that”?

Here are some super genius nappy bag hacks which will make your life just that little bit easier and have you thinking – “why didn’t I think of that”?

Remember to share your top hacks and tips in the comments below – you may just save another parent from a catastrophe!

1. Look beyond the traditional over-the-shoulder nappy bag. Seriously consider a backpack as your nappy bag. Backpacks actually make the ideal nappy bag:

  • They’re perfect if you’re baby wearing – a shoulder nappy bag is super-awkward with a baby carrier.
  • They stand up on their own – so handy when you have one hand on baby and the other hand rummaging around in the bag.
  • They’re generally made to withstand heavy loads and from a fabric that can be easily wiped or even thrown in the washing machine.
  • Pockets!!! These are a lifesaver for organising your nappy bag and when you need to find something super-quick.

Take a look at camera bag backpacks – they are ideal for all the above reasons, especially for their myriad of pockets.

A camera bag may be your ultimate nappy bag solution!

2. Pack a change of clothes in a double plastic bag.
So when the inevitable poonami hits, you take out the clean clothes and immediately wrap up the stained clothes in the double bag. Saves rummaging around for nappy bags when you really just need to get rid of the poo stained clothes – and fast!

3. Carabiners are your friend. Sounds strange, but hear me out. These are amazing little gadgets.

How many times have you seen a mum run off after a kid only to leave their pram and nappy bag unattended in a park or a shopping centre. Imagine how easy it is for that bag to get stolen. Buy a large carabiner to attach to your pram handle. When you throw your bag over the handles of the pram, attach it to the carabiner – bag secured and less likely to get swiped when you’re easily distracted.

Another great use for this little gadget is for your keys. Picture this – you’re juggling a screaming baby, a nappy bag, shopping bags and maybe even your pram. Then you need your keys! Aaaarrrghh! You slowly lose the will to live, rummaging around in your bag. Instead, attach your keys with a small carabiner to your bag buckle or your belt or just somewhere easily accessible – easy peasy when you get to your front door or to the car.

Use a large carabiner such as this to secure your bag to your pram.

4. Always, always, pack a change of clothes for yourself, don’t just pack a change of clothes for baby. I always carried around a change of top as my little one was a particularly pukey baby. It will always happen just as you’re far enough from home that it’s too late to turn back. Who wants to be smelling puke for the whole afternoon!?

5. Pack a small fabric baby sling that easily rolls up into your nappy bag. This means that the quick trip into the shops doesn’t become a whole production. Quickly whip on the sling, grab baby and go. We love these beautiful and versatile baby slings – available in the Mumma Hack shop!

Jazslings Baby Slings. Made from an all natural, breathable fibre, these baby slings fold up small and are perfect for busy parents.
These amazing baby slings pack up small so they’re always ready for a quick trip to the shops or park.

6. Pack a few small ‘distraction’ toys. When you really just need a minute to take a phone call or pay for something, they’re ideal for keeping baby distracted for a few minutes. Though, nothing too big that will weigh down your bag. Depending on your child’s age, a snack in a container is ideal. They get a snack and a container to play with – win!

7. I love change mat purses that hold a few nappies and wipes and roll out to a change mat. These are fabulous when you need to grab and run for a nappy change or when you don’t want to lug your whole bag to the baby change room. It’s inevitable that you’ll need to change baby in a park, by the side of the road, in the back of the car or in grotty public toilets. Having your own change mat makes this so much easier. They’re also ideal for a quick outing where you don’t need your entire nappy bag – just grab and go.

8. Reuse a small cosmetics purse to pack all the little things that can get lost in your nappy bag but that you may need to get to quickly – plasters, sanitiser, nail clippers and tissues.

9. If you love visiting play centres, pack a pair of socks permanently in your nappy bag. Many play centres won’t let you visit without socks – and it’s pretty annoying driving through traffic to get to a play centre only to realise you forgot your bub’s socks. You either go home or pay an extortionate amount for some crappy socks at the play centre.

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10. If your baby takes the dummy, make sure you pack a spare AND a dummy clip. Yes, in the midst of a tantrum, the first thing they will do is try and throw the dummy into the nearest pile of dirt. If a dummy is your lifesaver, you need a dummy clip.

Remember, don’t pack the entire house into your nappy bag. You still need to be able to carry it around without giving yourself permanent back problems.

Another really important tip is to re-pack your nappy bag each night – then it’s always easy to just grab and go.

Do you have any brilliant nappy bag hacks or organisation tips? Leave a comment below and help out another parent.

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  1. February 8, 2016 at 9:31 AM

    Great tips! I carried wet bags in our diaper bag. Lifesavers!

    • February 9, 2016 at 9:54 PM

      Thanks Denita. Wet bags are a great idea! 🙂

  2. February 6, 2016 at 4:03 PM

    So many great tips in one post! A few that I’m going to try 🙂 Plus I have a toddler too – so I need to pack her a change of clothes, snacks, drink etc …

    • February 6, 2016 at 7:33 PM

      Thanks Lauren! 🙂 Yes, gets tricky when you have more than one!