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Never find a bath towel on the floor again

Do you feel like you’re washing what seems like dozens of towels every week? Are the kids using a towel once and then just throwing them on the bathroom floor? No amount of nagging works as they just grab a fresh towel when needed, or worse… use yours!

Try this simple hack to help older kids and teenagers take responsibility for their own towels.

Purchase two towels in different colours for each member of the household. Place a towel hook in each family members’ bedroom. Each family member is responsible for hanging up their own towel on their own towel hook. They get one towel a week. If they decide to throw their towel on the floor… or scrunch up and leave in a ball under the bed, that is their responsibility. They only get that towel for the week. It may take a week or so for kids to realise that it’s their choice between a cold damp towel or hanging it up.

Keep spare towels out of reach of kids so they can’t just grab a spare whenever they want, but they’re still available if needed.

You may think this is taking things too far, but it’s teaching your kids responsibility… and cutting down your washing significantly – saving you time and money.

What do you think? Too extreme or a good family hack? Leave us a comment below.