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50 uses for baby wipes that have nothing to do with poo

Most parents have survived at least one poo-nami thanks to that handy packet of wipes. Once they’ve saved your life once, you make sure they’re always within reach.

But, they do a lot more than just clean smelly bottoms. I keep wipes everywhere – in fact, in every room of the house, the car, the pram, everywhere… and here’s how I hack them:

1. Kids or no kids, your walls are bound to end up with some scuff marks. Baby wipes work really well on all manner of unidentified marks on painted walls and doors.

Sneakers2. A wipe over white sports shoes after they’ve done the rounds in the park or sandpit will leave them almost good as new.

3. Always keep a stash of wipes in the car’s glove box. Wipe your hands after filling up on petrol, polish up the dashboard or remove that unsightly gunk off the windscreen.

4. Running out the door for a meeting or job interview? Use a baby wipe to make leather shoes and handbags shine.

5. That friend with the perfect house is ‘popping in’ for a coffee. Ah! Give the bathroom a quick wipe down with baby wipes. If you use scented wipes in the bathroom, they’ll leave a nice smell too.

6. Wipe down public high chairs, changing tables, shopping trolleys and toilet seats. Because there are way too many people out there not washing their hands!

7. Use an unscented baby wipe to remove make up. They work as well, if not better, than fancy makeup remover wipes, at a fraction of the price. The ingredients are also kinder to your skin.

8. If you’ve ended your beach day looking like a lobster, grab a baby wipe to soothe the sunburn. Wipes containing aloe vera are a great addition to your beach bag.

Phone9. Clean your landline phones and intercoms with a quick wipe over. Especially important when there’s a germy person in the house.

10. Whoops! Blot spilled coffee and tea stains out of carpet. Works well on fabric lounges and armchairs too.

11. Keep a pack in your gym bag to wipe your brow after a run or gym session. If you’re particularly nice, you can use them to wipe down your sweat from gym equipment.

12. If you park your car outdoors, you’ll know how dirty your windscreen wipers can get. Clean off the grime with a baby wipe and make driving safer.

13. At the end of winter, clean your outdoor furniture with baby wipes to remove dust and restore shine. Ready for summer barbecues.

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14. Does anyone ever remember to clean the kitchen kickboard? It’s one of those jobs you know you should do but never do. Make it quick and painless with a quick wipe over with a baby wipe.

15. Sticky kids fingers on the computer keyboard? Unplug the keyboard and wipe down with a baby wipe.

Baby feet16. Kids hands and feet covered in sand? Or your crawler stumbled into a pile of something awful? Wipe sticky icky fingers and faces with a baby wipe.

17. Use a baby wipe to remove the inevitable hair dye stains around your face when doing a home colour.

18. Use a baby wipe to clean plastic toys borrowed from a toy library or purchased second hand.

19. Indoor plants can get really dusty, especially if you have carpet. Use a baby wipe to wipe the dust off leaves and make them shine.

20. Refusing to leave the house as your hair looks a bit ‘retro’? Calm frizzy hair by wiping over a baby wipe. Keep some in your handbag if you’re heading out on the town on a humid summer’s night.

21. So you’re all dolled up in your best LBD for a girl’s night out, then you see it in the mirror – ugh! white deodorant marks. Blot deodorant marks from dark clothing with a baby wipe. It won’t leave fluff like a cloth or tissue.

22. Attach a baby wipe to your dust mop to quickly refresh tile and wooden floors.

23. Who buys a fabric lounge and then has kids? I do! If you were smart enough to invest in leather, keep the leather looking great by wiping down with a baby wipe. Excellent for spills and sticky spots too.

Blackboard24. Keep fridge and freezer seals clean by wiping over with a baby wipe. Gunk loosens the seal, which means cold air escapes, and the fridge/freezer needs to work harder and use more energy.

25. Wipe blackboards and whiteboards sparkly clean with a baby wipe.

26. Run a baby wipe through the slits of horizontal blinds or plantation shutters to remove dust. A fiddly job made easier.

27. Long before I had kids, baby wipes were my camping buddy. When showers and toilet facilities are scarce, they are a lifesaver. Also great for wiping down muddy tents.

28. In summer, add a few wipes to a snap lock bag and pop in the fridge. Wonderful as a cooling face wipe on super hot days and at the beach.

29. If you really hate licking envelopes and stamps, moisten them with a baby wipe.

30. It inevitably happens when you’re in a rush – make up on clothes. Remove stains easily, without the smudge, using a baby wipe.

31. That spray tan didn’t work out as you expected? Stop looking like a carrot and grab the baby wipes to remove excess tan.

32. Pulled out your favourite leather handbag from storage and it’s covered in mould? Grab the baby wipes and get wiping.

33. Boys in the house? Just keep the wipes on top of the toilet cistern. They’ll be needed… often!

34. Wrap a baby wipe around your finger and run down window rails for a quick clean. Gunk always builds up here and can make your windows and roller doors jump.

35. Wipe down the sticky stuff that always accumulates on and around the kitchen bin, bathroom bin or nappy bin.

Dog36. Never throw out a dried out packet of wipes. They are perfect for sore runny noses and also as dusters.

37. If your pooch is shedding hair all over the house, wipe him down with a baby wipe to remove excess hair. You can also wipe his muddy paws before he gets in the house, the gunk out of his ears and his dirty bum! Also works for cats.

38. Use baby wipes in the kitchen. They’re especially good with grease, so they’re ideal for wiping down deep fryers and other appliances. They’ll also remove sticky fingerprints from fridge and cupboard doors.

39. Keep some baby wipes handy when painting your nails. This makes it easy to wipe away any little slip ups or spills.

40. Attach a baby wipe to a broom or long stick with some tape. Now you can clean those hard to reach places without the dust flying everywhere. Great for ceiling fans and out of reach cobwebs.

41. Clean light switches and door handles with a baby wipe. Especially important if you have sick people in the house as these two surfaces are constantly touched by germy fingers.

42. If you’ve gone off road in your pram, your wheels are probably caked in mud. Use a few baby wipes to clean them before folding the pram into your car boot or wheeling the pram back into your house.

Kids on bikes43. Use a baby wipe to clean muddy bicycle wheels and greasy bits.

44. If you’re keen on yoga or pilates, use a baby wipe to clean down your mat. Works well to keep your own mat clean but even more important if you use a mat supplied by the studio.

45. Use baby wipes to clean outdoor light fittings, which seem to collect dirt and grime like a magnet.

46. If desperate times call for desperate measures, baby wipes can be used instead of toilet paper. They are great for toilet training toddlers. Just remember, never flush wipes!

47. Kids have just had a big craft session? They’re probably covered in crayon, paint or play dough – as are numerous other surfaces. Use baby wipes to clean their hands, as well as the kids table, walls and floor.

BBQ48. Ready for that first summer barbecue? Baby wipes cut through grease so you can get the barbecue sparkling clean.

49. Ensure you pack baby wipes when heading out for a picnic or outdoor barbecue. It’s really important if you’re handling meat and have nowhere to wash your hands.

50. If you’re a keen crafter, keep a supply of baby wipes in your craft box. They are invaluable at wiping down ink stains, rubber stamps and collecting tiny bits of paper and sticky tape.

Side hacks

– Buy wipes in bulk and divide them into snap lock bags. No need to buy expensive individual packets.
– If you want extra anti-bacterial power, pour some alcohol into the wipes packet and let the wipes soak it up. Don’t use these on a baby’s bum.

As a sidenote, I realise that wipes are not the most environmentally friendly product, but when you’re in a hurry, out and about, need to clean up something awful or just can’t find a rag when you need one, baby wipes are an ideal alternative. The thicker brands of baby wipes can actually be washed and reused. Of course, use an old rag if you can.

Remember, never dispose of baby wipes in the toilet, always put them in the bin.

Have we missed any ingenious uses for baby wipes? Let us know below.

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