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Quick fix for a wayward zipper

Sometimes zippers just won’t stay up. You really don’t want to be walking around with your zipper down constantly. That being said, you also don’t want to get rid of a perfectly good pair of pants just because the zipper will not stay up. You could replace the zipper if you’re handy with a sewing machine. Otherwise, there’s a quick fix solution.

All you need is a key ring. You can get a cheap keyring from your local dollar store. Take the keyring off the key chain so you have just the metal circle.

To fix the wayward zipper, simply attach the circle key ring to the wayward zipper. Then, when you pull the zipper up you can attach it to the button at the top of your pants. That will keep your zipper in place. It’s also easy for your kids to learn so they’re also not walking around with their zipper down.

Simple, cost effective fix. You won’t have to buy new pants and you need no sewing skills at all.