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Amazing sweat stain removal

It doesn’t take long for sweat stains to set into shirts, discolouring armpits and collars. School and sport uniforms start looking terrible and you’re either buying all kinds of expensive stain removers and scrubbing away, or simply throwing out clothes as it all seems like too much effort.

There is a much easier way to remove sweat stains from clothes. Head to the fruit bowl and grab yourself a lemon. Pick out a nice juicy lemon and squeeze the juice from the lemon on to the sweat stains (or add to a spray bottle). Put the garments out in the full sun for at least a few hours. Make sure the stain is exposed to direct sun. A chemical reaction creates a homemade, fresh smelling, natural bleach. It will get rid of those smelly sweat stains without you having to use any harsh chemicals.

If you don’t have fresh lemons, don’t despair. You can just use the lemon juice that you buy in the bottle. In fact, in many ways it is easier to use the lemon juice from the bottle because you don’t have to worry about seeds or pulp. After you have removed the stains, wash your garments as normal.

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