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A bathrobe can save your morning

It’s inevitable. On the craziest of mornings, someone will end up with a stain on their uniform or work clothes in the crazy morning rush to get out the door.

Kids spilling juice during breakfast, coming back  from brushing teeth with toothpaste stains on their clothes or a splash of coffee on your business shirt. Suddenly you are scrambling to find a new outfit.

There is a simple solution to this problem. Have your kids get dressed and when they are done have them wear a bathrobe over their clothes until it is time to leave. The bathrobe will protect your kids clothes and they can just whip the bathrobes off at the front door as they leave.

This idea doesn’t just work for kids. It’s great for parents too. Think about how many times you had to change shirts because you got makeup, coffee or baby food on your shirt.

Just do the same as your kids, wear the robe over your clothes until it is time to depart the house.