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Iron on labels without an iron

Have you ever had a basket filled with your kid’s laundry and felt like throwing up your hands when it comes to sorting your kid’s clothes? Whose jeans are these? Whose shirt is that? It’s annoying and it takes so much time that you just don’t have. When you have more than one kid the easiest way to sort your kids clothes accurately is to add labels to their clothes.

It is pointless to write on labels because the writing just fades with washing. The best way to label your kids clothing is to use iron on labels.

Don’t feel like getting out the ironing board and heating up the iron? No worries, you can use a hair straightener to adhere the labels to your kid’s clothes. It actually works better than an iron as you can get into the small crevices of kids clothes.

All you need to adhere labels with a hair straightener is a name label, a tea towel and the hair straightener. Make a sandwich of the clothing; clothing, name tag, tea towel and then clamp the hair straightener down. Hold the sandwich in place for at least 20 seconds. After 20 seconds you can take the heat off. Make sure you hold the label still when you are applying the heat. Also don’t skip the tea towel – that is what protects your hair straightener from getting label glue on it.